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Valley View Farmstead
Dansville, NY
Welcome to our five-acre farmstead!
After purchasing my grandparent’s farm house in the Fall of 2018, our family made the short move from Rush to Sparta NY to begin our next adventure.
It was then that our home became Valley View Farmstead

We are a family owned farm that uses regenerative practices to grow and produce the highest quality products possible. We are the 7th and our children the 8th generation to live on and work this land. We take great pride in what we grow and hope you will enjoy the fruits of our labor with us!

Our Garlic Story
We started growing garlic in 2017 prior to moving south. That year we grew enough for our family to consume and that was it. Our crop has continued to grow a little each year until 2022 when we expanded beyond our imagination. We were presented with an opportunity we couldn't pass up and so we took over Mystic Farm Garlic. We are proud to announce that we currently have our largest crop ever in the ground. An astonishing 10,000 bulbs will be ready to harvest before we know it. 
Our goal is to bring you the same high quality garlic and garlic products that you have been purchasing the last few years, only now it will be grown on the East side of the Genesee Valley. 

We encourage you to check out our farm website by clicking the link below or come visit us at 
Valley View Farmstead
8071 Groveland Station Rd Dansville NY
We have a small self serve farm shop that is open year round. Also be on the lookout for our farm events throughout the season. 

We hope to see you soon!

The Vogt Family 
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