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Know Your Numbers

Anyone who gardens with a passion can relate to this pic. As a garlic grower, it's also a time when I need to sit down and crunch some numbers.

Growing garlic, like any other business venture, requires a sharp pencil and good data. As an ongoing business practice, I jot down the hours required to perform the different tasks every day in my pocket notepad. Now its time to plug those numbers into my spreadsheets. Those, along with other information calculated such as the cost per hour for a piece of equipment involved etc, are used to determine my breakeven point to produce a pound of garlic.

Growing premium garlic isn't cheap and I only ask for fair compensation for a quality product.

Spring is just around the corner. Good thing because I'm almost out of pure maple syrup. Time to visit my Stoner Hill neighbor to resupply. That's another post :)

Have a great day and an even better tomorrow


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