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Georgian Crystal

Porcelain – Fresh, clean, rich flavored with mild heat. The light flavors combine well with root vegetables, cabbage, chicken, seafood and fish. Mellow raw flavor is great in uncooked dips and salsa.  4-6 plump cloves/bulb  4-6 bulbs/lb 

Not Available for 2020
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German White

Porcelain - A large, beautiful and well-formed porcelain garlic. Hardy, rich, and hot with robust garlic flavor that sticks around. Tight skinned so it stores very well at a cool room temp. Cloves are porcelain in color hence the porcelain name. 6-8 large cloves/bulb, 4-7 bulbs/lb


Porcelain - Music is a large, full, rich aromatic flavored garlic making this one of the best known and most sought after varieties. Its flavor has been described as very rich and musky, strong and robust. It is warm but not overly hot. 4-6 cloves/bulb; 4-6 bulbs/lb.

Chesnok Red

Purple Stripe - Originally from the Russian Republic of Georgia, Chesnok Red is a full flavored garlic with a mellow aftertaste. Best baking garlic and sweetest roasting garlic of them all. Easy to peel. 9-10 cloves/bulb; 5-6 bulbs/lb

Montana Giant

Rocambole - Montana Giant exhibits a robust earthy flavor with garlic that peaks with a high heat intensity but mellows quickly. Thin wrappers allow easy peeling. Among the top choices when a rich garlic character is desired for cooking. Usually produces huge bulbs. 5-7 cloves/ bulb; 4-5 bulbs/lb

Romanian Red

Porcelain- Hot and spicy.  Excellent flavor with a strong nutty after taste.  Bulbs are easy to clean, very attractive and have excellent longevity in storage. 4-6 large cloves/bulb, 4-7 bulbs/lb. Culinary size: 1.5 to 2" bulbs. Price per lb.

Not Available for 2020
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Persian Star

Purple Stripe - Stunning true Purple Stripe garlic displays vivid purple streaking with red clove colors and an outer white wrapper. Pleasant flavor with a mild spiciness.  Purple Stripes are known for keeping their wonderfully unique flavor even when cooked. 8-12 cloves/bulb; 5-9 bulbs/lb

Not Available for 2020
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Garlic Scapes

Scapes are the flower stalk that shoots up from the center leaf whorl of hardneck garlic varieties as they begin to mature. Considered a delicacy in fine restaurants around the world.  Best picked when young and tender. Great sautéed, in pesto, salads and more. Google "garlic scape recipes" and you'll see!

Sold Out for 2020
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